We work across the areas of teaching, research and public engagement in the fields of sex, sexuality and sexual health.

Feona Attwood is Professor of Cultural Studies, Communication and Media at Middlesex University. Her research focuses on the experience and significance of sex in contemporary culture; and in particular on obscenity and onscenity; sexual cultures; new technologies, identity and the body; and controversial media. She set up the international research network, Onscenity, in 2010 and has recently completed an AHRC fellowship on the public debates about the sexualization of culture. She is the editor of Mainstreaming Sex (2009), porn. com: Making Sense of Online Pornography (2010), and (with Vincent Campbell, I.Q. Hunter and Sharon Lockyer) Controversial Images (2013). Her current projects focus on sexuality studies and public engagement, and pornographies and their audiences. She co-edits the sociological journal, Sexualities, and is the cofounder and editor of the journal, Porn Studies.

Clare Bale is a Registered General Nurse who has held a number of senior management positions in the NHS including Modernisation Manager (Derbyshire County) and Public Health Principal for Sexual Health (Nottinghamshire County). She is Managing Director of a consultancy business which supports all aspects of public health and specializes in activities to support vulnerable groups; notably children, young people and families (www.theclarebaleconsultancy.co.uk). Alongside this she is a ‘public academic’, contributing to national and international research, publications and media with a number of Universities and also contributes to critical commentaries on sexualization and sexual health.

Meg Barker is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the Open University and a registered psychotherapist, practicing in sexual and relationship therapy. Meg’s research focuses on identities and relationships, and on the social norms and rules around sexuality and gender, particularly focusing on bisexuality, BDSM, and open non-monogamy and analyzing the understandings of sex present in sex therapy and sex advice. Meg coorganizes seminars for the Critical Sexology group, is a founding member of BiUK and author of The Bisexuality Report, and provides regular training sessions for various therapy organizations. Meg’s books include Mindful Counselling and Psychotherapy (2013), Sexuality and Gender for Mental Health Professionals (2013), Rewriting the Rules: An Integrative Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships (2013), Understanding Non-Monogamies (2010), and Safe, Sane and Consensual: Contemporary Perspectives on Sadomasochism (2007). Meg co-edits the journal, Psychology & Sexuality.