How has the report been put together?

The report has been compiled by Feona Attwood, Clare Bale and Meg Barker based on contributions from over thirty academic experts, drawing on research from a wide range of subject areas, including medicine, health and social care, media and communication studies, cultural studies, psychology, sociology, education, and gender & sexuality studies.

The report was made possible by support from the Wellcome Trust, who funded a symposium, ‘Public Engagement, Sexual Health and Sexualization’ in 2012-2013, organized by Katherine Angel, Feona Attwood, Meg Barker and Petra Boynton. The symposium allowed us to explore different ways of making academic research on sexual health in the context of ‘sexualized’ culture more accessible. It brought together academics and journalists, broadcasters, sex educators and specialists in science, information and advice media to discuss practical and productive ways of disseminating robust research in this area. These discussions gave us space to think about how to develop this report.

Who is the report for?